Medication Management

Medication Management

The MOST Important Reasons for Medication Management

Enables you or your loved one to maintain your INDEPENDENCE. A family member or professional sets up your medications, following the Doctor’s instructions. This improves compliance and reduces the risk of medication errors. About 40% of nursing home admissions are due to medication non-adherence.

Did you know that taking medications correctly could be the MOST IMPORTANT LIFESTYLE CHOICE YOU CAN MAKE? Almost everyone makes a medication mistake.  Patients who take medication correctly are more likely to stay well, make fewer doctor visits and require fewer hospitalizations.

Reduce the risk of accidental under or over dosing if no one is there to help.  A monitored medication dispenser increases compliance, due to a call initiated upon non-adherence to the medication schedule. One out of every ten ER visits by seniors, are due to medication errors.

Medication Management Options:

Reminders for medications, medical events, or appointments can be setup through one of our medical alert systems.  Up to 8 reminders can be programmed into the device by a love one or healthcare professional.

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A healthcare professional can be hired to assist with medication dispenser fills and refilling prescriptions, if a family member is not available to handle it.  They  will come to your home and sort your pills into easy open containers providing for individual doses. They will handle all prescription refill needs with the doctor and pharmacy.  In addition, if needed, optional daily medication reminders can be programmed through the medical alert service, a reminder service, or a medication dispenser.


The MedMinder Dispenser

Guardian’s MedMinder dispenser is an  lockable weekly organizer that reminds, and monitors daily medications.  The organizer holds 7 days of medication with up to 4 doses per day or 2 weeks with 2 doses per day.  The dispenser has an easy to use design and offers audible, and visual reminders.  Each compartment will be illuminated just prior to its scheduled time.  If the compartment is not opened within one hour, or the wrong compartment is opened, a call will be placed and the preferred contact will be notified.

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The TabSafe Dispenser

TabSafe-Dispenser2Guardian’s TabSafe Medication Dispenser organizes, reminds and tracks the delivery of your prescriptions. The system offers individuals and caregivers a simple, cost-effective solution to the day-to-day complications of prescription schedules.  It is a lockable dispenser that also handles PRN medications.

$45 monthly              Print TabSafe Flyer—————————————————-


  • Organizes and dispenses up to one month’s supply of meds
  • Allows you and your loved one to maintain current lifestyles and independence with greater peace of mind
  • Flexible programming tailored to individual medication schedules
  • Accommodates “As Needed” (PRN) medications and prevents over medicating
  • Automatic alerts for reorder
  • 24/7 Monitoring and customized notifications to family members or caregivers
  • Digitally downloads each transaction for reports and analysis with Web-accessible reports


  • Large, easy to read screen
  • Adjustable volume to accommodate hearing impaired’
  • Locks to protect medications
  • Rechargeable battery, with battery saver feature during power failures
  • Pause feature if traveling or appointments. Resets automatically upon return
  • Fits on counter top

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