Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Easy Living different from other providers of medical alerts systems?

talk-bubbleEasy Living is an independant, contracted sales rep for several companies providing medical alert services.  We also work with a network of quality providers, offering many services and a total independent living solution.

We do the homework and research so you do not have any worries associated with finding the best medical alert solution for your loved one. All of our providers must go through a very stringent credentialing process, which includes the proper licensing and certifications, liability insurance, excellent business and client references, as well as having a good record with the Better Business Bureau.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, a long-term agreement does not have to be signed. We provide the service on a month to month basis and only require 30 days notice, if you elect to cancel the medical alert system.

Does my insurance cover the services?

Long Term Care Insurance most often covers home health services if you meet certain criteria. Sometimes, some company policies will cover the medical alert system. 

Does Medicare cover the services that Easy Living provides?

Medicare services must be prescribed by a physician and pertains only to medicare home health care but not the services provided by Easy Living.