“After consulting with the residents…(of Kings Point), a new business was opened called the Easy Living Center. It offers affordable home health care, an emergency response system, meal delivery, housekeeping…”
-The New York Times

“A new breed of companies has emerged to help seniors live in familiar surroundings” 
-The Futurist National High Tech Publication

“The goal of this organization is to assist seniors in staying where they want to remain, yet get the services they need at a reasonable price. Another big advantage of Easy Living program is that it is a private enterprise and requires no financial support from the nearby retirement center.” 
-Cobrua Reporter Century Village, Boca Raton, Florida

“The Easy Living Program allows seniors to keep their independence and continue to live the retirement lifestyle they embarked on 20 years ago…” 
-Today’s Caregiver Magazine for Family and Professional Caregivers

“The retirement communities in the U.S. are going through a lively metamorphosis. The retirees keep getting older and the demands on management are mounting. It is no longer sufficient to provide basic services. An increasing proportion of the seniors demand ever more part-time or full-time care. The concept of Easy Living has evolved over the last two years…. The Easy Living approach offers residents a full set of medical and non-medical services, including doctors on call, to hourly services of nurses, to delivery of meals, to support of cleaners and repairmen….” 
As printed in GEBAUDE MANAGEMENT International Property Management Publication

A satisfied recipient of services says: “…the Easy Living program is improving her quality of life. Eighty years old, she says, is way too young for a nursing home. ‘I’ve still got my brains, you know’.” 
-Jewish Times

“…Easy Living will provide a model for other senior communities that want to offer their residents meaningful levels of assistance from diverse providers at affordable prices…” 
-The Palm Beach Post  

What our clients and their families are saying…  

“It is a good feeling to know that other children and parents have the exact same feelings as our mom and we do. It is very frustrating for us to have our mother down in Florida. More than ever we feel disconnected and powerless. It is comforting to have your agency substituting for us. We are appreciative and in her own way, I know that my mother is too. Your agency is an extension of our family, and for this we thank you. If you need any other input, just let us know. Will speak to you again next week to get an update on my mother.” 


“I have taken a moment to write to your organization in order to express our thanks for the exceptional performance of your staff in dealing with our Dad…”


“…You guys are just terrific: not just efficient and competent professionals, but also kind and caring human beings. I can’t tell you how much pleasure your party gave to mom. She was just thrilled from the tips of her toes through her snowy white curls. My sister is at Arden with her now, and says her room is festooned with the balloons and souvenirs of her wonderful party. The pictures were a real joy for me to see; I haven’t seen mom so glowing for years. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”


“Thank you so much for going out of your way to make my Dad’s birthday such a happy one! You and your staff are terrific people and we are so lucky to have you around”