Care Management

What is Care Management ?

We do not provide these services, but offer this information for educational purposes. 

Geriatric Care Managers are experienced professionals who assist older adults and their families in

coping with the challenges of aging and in the planning of long term care. Care Management may include:

  • Act as a liaison to long distance caregivers by regularly communicating their family member’s progress or alert them of any problems.
  • Care planning assessments to identify the problems and needs that require services.
  • couple-200-2Screen, arrange and monitor all home health and other services.
  • Provide consumer education and advocacy.
  • Offer counseling and support.
  • Provide crisis intervention.

The Care Manager initiates a personalized care plan, specifically designed

to meet the client’s wants and needs. They help to reduce the time, stress

and additional costs often involved in caring for an older adult as they age.

We work with many professional Care Managers and can refer them, but

Easy Living does not provide these services.